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What Are You Searching For?


When I check the stats on this site, I see a ton of hits from people using search engines.  Sometimes I can see the terms, like “hops recipe,” yesterday (I can help you, hops fan), but usually I can’t see the terms.  Personally, when I search for really specific knowledge online, I usually end up wading through pages and pages of sales sites (“find hops recipe for less!”) and bogus yellow pages and background check sites (“did hops recipe go to your high school?  find hops recipe now!”) and other utter garbage.  It’s obnoxious.  If you’re searching for a recipe, growing info or whatever related to medicinal plants and you can’t find the info you want, just leave me a comment (preferred, so others can see it), put it on the facebook page, or drop me an email.  I love this stuff and I’m happy to help if I can.  And hops fan, come back!  I have recipes!  I will tell you them!


7 thoughts on “What Are You Searching For?

  1. Funny timing! Just a little bit ago, I was searching the web for infused honey information and ended up clicking one of your posts without realizing it was yours, and I was like, hey! I know this blog! Should have checked it out in the first place. Duh! Didn’t know you were on the FB, though. (goes off to follow….)


  2. Also, any kinds of posts on safety/precautions both in making herbal goodness and taking herbal goodness are very useful. There is a ton of conflicting information out there. It can be difficult to tell what’s what and who really knows what they’re talking about.


    • Oh I’m so glad that happened with the honey thing! How funny.

      You’re right, there’s a ton of contradictory info out there about precautions and contraindications. A lot of it is because it’s not known definitively whether the herb is safe in a particular setting, especially pregnancy, so the thinking is if hasn’t been studied in pregnant women then it should be treated with caution, as in “this stimulates the gut, which is next to the womb, so don’t take it.” A lot of those can be taken pretty liberally but you have to know which ones. Another reason for this is people simply copying contraindications from other sources without looking into the reasons they’re listed, so a lot of bad information gets repeated. I will chew this over and come up with the most common precautions and interactions I see and post it–you’re right, it would be interesting to try to write.

      The best book I’ve found as a reference for this topic is Frances Brinker’s book on interactions and contraindications, which is often the book that other books reference. She’s a little alarmist for my taste considering the stellar safety record of herbs, but she presents the reason she’s listing the herb so you can make your own decision as an informed human. The ABC Clinical Guide is also a good reference for similar reasons, it has research summaries that help clarify why an herb might not be safe in certain circumstances.

      Hope that helps & thanks for your comment!

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      • Thanks for the reference recommendations. I will definitely look these up. I have seen the same information copied from website to website–often the same misinformation and often verbatim. Since sources are rarely cited, it is hard to trace back to good accurate material. I would blame that on the internet, but you find it happens in books, too.

        I will happily experiment with herbs on myself, but where I find myself hesitating is with my children. Lots of alarmist info out there–just enough to make me hesitate. The harder part is that I’ve got teenagers, and I don’t know if one should still dose as though they are kids (albeit big ones, lol) or small adults, you know? Not a lot of info out there for good herbs for teens. That would be very helpful.

        I’m glad you’re thinking about writing on this topic. I’ll look forward to your post!

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      • I usually view teenagers like small adults who may be more sensitive to plant energetics, as long as they’re progressing through puberty. Starting with small doses is key, but safe adult herbs should be fine. I will write about this it’s a great topic, thank you!

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  3. Can’t go wrong with a John Deere share!

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  4. I’ve a question more than comment,
    I’d like to know how to remove the alcohol from finished product and once alcohol removed does the remainder separate/settle out with any other related information
    Thank You, JFB


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