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Discount Tickets to Good Medicine Confluence 2018

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Join us in gorgeous Durango, CO, May 16-20 for the best herbal conference in the country!

I’m so excited to be teaching three classes on Home Herbalism:
“Weaving Together the Patterns of Herbs”
“Patterns of Problems: Contraindications & Drug Interactions”
“The Art of Formulation”

Come chat about radical family herbalism, effectively making and using home remedies, pattern recognition, and more.  I’m so thrilled to be invited to this vibrant event and I hope to see you there!


Thank you to everyone who bought my tickets, they are now sold out!  If you’re looking for tickets to the Confluence, please reach out to other teachers, as many still have tickets for sale.  You can see the full list of teachers on the Confluence website.

2018 Good Medicine Confluence Poster #3-72dpi(1).jpg

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