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Home Medicine Maker Course

The Home Medicine Maker Course (Level 1)

This hands-on course covers the essentials of making safe, effective herbal remedies at home for the whole family, focusing on foundational principles of herbal medicine, what makes remedies work, and delicious recipes. To aid our understanding, we will cover central principles of Western herbalism, energetics, solubility, and formulation. Throughout the season, students will learn to make some of the most popular forms of herbal remedies, including tinctures, salves, honeys, syrups, elixirs, and vinegars. The medicine we make as a class will be guided by the seasons, and the herbs we choose will change as the season unfolds, allowing students an in-depth understanding of the medicinal uses of a number of local plants. We will discuss growing or wildcrafting the herbs in our formulas, so students can incorporate their learning into their future herbal practice.  Plant walks, group harvesting, & hands-on practice form a core of this course.


Students harvest milky oats

Participants take home the remedies made in class and extra herbs the group harvested, as well as written information on the recipes, guiding principles, and uses of herbs.

This course is appropriate for beginner and intermediate level students.  It is very beneficial for any herb student who hasn’t completed a top-down study of the practice of Western Herbalism.

As always, children are welcome, but they are their parents’ responsibility while they’re here.


This course meets one Saturday a month from May through August, from 11 AM to 3 PM, in our beautiful forest classroom.

Principles of Home Herbalism and the Medicine of Spring Tonics, May 26

The Science of Solubility: Making Reliably Great Tinctures, June 16

The Art of Formulation: Infused Honeys & Syrups, July 14

Putting it All Together: Medicinal Oils & Salves, August 11

Make Up Day, just in case! September 15

Tuition & Sign Up  

Tuition for all classes and materials is $400, $360 before April 1 (10% discount).  You can also sign up to take individual sections of the course for $125, provided there’s space in the class.  Work-trade is available; see the work-trade policy for details.

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