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Work-Trade Policy

Work-trade is available in exchange for class attendance. Usually the task is garden work.  New in 2017: Social Media work-trade is available for 1 student.  This student will take pictures and prepare social media output for Old Ways Herbal, because I just don’t have time in the summer!  Please be in touch directly if this sounds like something you’d be interested in.

Work-trade must be completed in full before the class you plan to apply it to, or a clear plan in place for completion of work-trade in a timely fashion.  We have monthly work -trade and volunteer days throughout the season to make it easy for work-traders to schedule their time.  Students are also welcome to volunteer for extra work-trade days and bank their time for future class attendance–I always need garden help!

Workshops: To attend a workshop free of charge, the exchange is 4 hours of work.

Intensives: work-trade can cover half the cost of an intensive.  The exchange is 4 hours of work.

Courses: Work-trade is accepted to cover half the cost of a course.  For 4 class courses, the exchange is 16 hours of work (2 days).  For 5 class courses, the exchange is 20 hours of work (2.5 days).

This practice allows more people to do work-trade and keep their costs down.  In very special circumstances, we may allow someone to do full work-trade for an intensive or course.

Please contact us to RSVP and set up a work day. We set aside a few spots in every class for people who want to do work-trade, but they fill up quickly so please contact us early. If the spots are already filled you will be added to a cancellation list and contacted if a spot becomes available.

Please don’t RSVP unless you’re sure you can make it.  Work-traders who cancel within 1 week of the class will not be able to do work-trade in the future. This is necessary because we do not have time to offer the work-trade to someone else.


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